Our Manifesto

Build an engaging and thriving learning community

Instantly communicate and collaborate with students and (or) parents on TepApp. Ideal for schools, professional tutors and instructors.


The only communication tool you'll ever need to reach your learning community

Ditch communication booklets, printed newsletters, bulk SMS, emails, WhatsApp or Telegram groups, TepApp brings together all their functionalities and more into one handy classroom.

Simple and easy to use
Easily create or join a class, all you need is a smartphone and internet connection. Easy-peasy!
Solely for learning
Built to enhance learning, we integrate your favourite educational tools into the app.
Keep everyone updated
With TepApp, parents, teachers, tutors, and students can all stay updated on-the-go.


Within each classroom, you’ll find all the tools you need to keep learning going.

No more missed deadlines or forgotten assignments. Instantly send personalised key updates to classroom participants.
Group messaging
How large is your class? We can take it! Set up classes with unlimited number of groups and participants.
Direct messaging
Exchange instant direct messages with classroom participants. For example, teachers can directly reach out to parents about their child’s performance.
Docs and files
Share and manage your classroom resources in an organized space. All file types supported, including MS Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.
Beautiful classroom moments? Pre-recorded class materials? No problem! Share videos with your classroom participants on the go.
Voice notes
Share prerecorded or live voice instructions and information with class participants.
Access level control
With proper access level control, you choose who to allow into your classroom and ensure they only perform permitted actions. Voila!
Class scheduling
Schedule classes and they’ll be automatically added to both your calendar and those of your classroom participants.


TepApp works for any classroom type and size

TepApp supports classroom collaborations of any size, with unlimited classrooms to mirror what is obtainable at your institution.

Single School Campus
TepApp is built to cater to your needs irrespective of your school size. For a small-sized school, use the app to swiftly manage communication with parents, teachers, and students.
Multiple campuses
Managing communications for schools with multiple campuses can be very difficult. TepApp will make it easy and efficient for you, so everyone stays in the loop.
Independent tutors
Whether you teach professional courses, or train bakers, TepApp is perfectly suitable to help you coordinate your classroom interactions efficiently.


Built for schools and organizations to engage their communities

Efficient administrative features that empower educators to proactively engage and manage their communities.

Administrator oversight
Monitor conversations between parents, teachers and students. Access communication statistics, message history, and other useful administrative features.
Fast, effective onboarding
With well built information system, you can quickly onboard all families and stakeholders.
Foster better community communication through third-party integrations with video conferencing apps, LMS, payment collection, etc.
Beyond the classroom
Quickly reach out to parents about emergency meetings, early closures, and other urgent updates..


Supercharge the classroom experience with powerful 3rd party tools & services.

Take the learning experience to the next level for both you and your classroom participants. Add third-party integrations that let you make money, set up live classes, and share more files.

Setup live classes and share with your class participants without leaving TepApp.
Google classroom
Google classroom
Share learning resources from Google classroom directly on TepApp without leaving the app.
Google drive
Google drive
Share files saved on your Google drive to your class participants.
Schoolable Pay
Schoolable Pay
Monetize your online classes. Collect payments from classroom participants across multiple payment channels through Schoolable Pay.

Choose a better way to communicate