Our Manifesto

We are a team of young people who are passionate about education. Among us are parents, students, software engineers, and former educators who constantly seek unique ways of using technology to solve some of the biggest challenges in education. Our commitment is to make learning more effective, accessible and engaging. 

Over time, we found that even though learning has greatly evolved, there are still a number of issues preventing it from being as effective as it should be. Schools now spend a lot of resources on digital technologies that boost learning while training teachers to more effectively impact students. Parents have also become more involved in their children’s education, and students are able to access learning resources right on their digital devices. Yet, there exists among others, communication challenges that make learning less effective.

Often, schools would have to wait for Parent-Teacher conferences, or use a combination of several other channels of communication like bulk SMS services, Phone calls, Emails, WhatsApp or Telegram groups to share updates with parents about students and school activities. Still, parents would miss deadlines, forget important events/projects or get misinformed. Students also find it difficult to get real-time, personalised feedback from teachers (or tutors) outside the classroom. These communication problems have persisted because all of those alternative platforms were not made with learning communities in mind. That is why we built TepApp.

TepApp is a communication tool specifically for learning communities. It is the only tool you’ll ever need to reach and engage with members of your learning community. It was built in collaboration with school leaders and educators to solve the unique communication challenges faced by K-12 schools, tertiary institutions and professional tutors. Communicating with TepApp is instant, personalised, secure and organised. 

We are on a mission to empower schools, educators, parents and students to work hand-in-hand to make learning as effective and engaging as possible.

  TepApp is our invitation to parents calling them to become a daily, active part of their children’s education. A call for schools to build thriving learning communities through clear, instant, two-way communication. A support for educators to further inspire learning beyond the classroom, and a guide for students to enjoy the adventurous world of learning.

With TepApp, learning can be what it should be: effective, collaborative and engaging.